Special offer - June

Your physical and mental harmony

The physical balance of the body goes hand in hand with the mental balance. If you feel good physically you will feel good in your soul.

This package will drive away fatigue and exhaustion and naturally ensure your vitality and energy.

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104.00 £  for 4 pieces

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The package contains 1 bottle of Alveo Grape, 1 bottle of Onyx Plus Flexi, 1 bottle of AkuWM and 1 box of Lancelot.


ALVEO is a harmonizing herbal tonic that contains the highest quality natural herbal extracts to support the vitality, balance and harmony of the body. It has beneficial effects on the digestive tract, regulates metabolism, cleanses the digestive tract and thus promotes vitality.


Lancelot supplies strength and energy. It is intended for everyone who has a mentally or physically demanding job and for seniors. It acts against stress and positively affects concentration.


AkuWM is a tonic with green tea extract. It helps reduce body weight together with the principles of a healthy diet and exercise. Green tea extract supplies energy, accelerates metabolic activity and burning of fat.


ONYX PLUS Flexi contains an ideal ratio of calcium and magnesium that provide overall support to the musculoskeletal system and healthy bones, joints and muscles. In addition, they reduce fatigue and exhaustion.